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In our modern environmentally and socially conscious world, at Bhutan Pelyab, we realise that people are looking for a whole lot more out of their holiday experience. We go that little bit further to add extra dimensions to your travel experience and ensure not only that your travel dollar goes further for you, but it also goes to the local communities where it belongs. We’re not profit driven; we are inspired to make a difference. Make your journey mean that little bit more and partake in a responsible travel experience with our Bhutan tour agency. Community We don’t attach our donation or volunteer programs onto already established globally advertised networks, we support, source and fund equally as imperative projects that are desperately in need of awareness and being overlooked. All facilities, associated companies, hotels and transport are owned and operated by Nepalese people; your money goes into their pockets and stays right here in Bhutan. When you travel with us you’re not paying for our mortgages’ or for our fancy cars, you are paying for people to feed, raise and shelter their families and to educate their children for their future.

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At Bhutan Pelyab, we don’t pay foreigners to be your guides; we train local people, who have unmatchable local knowledge and are eager to invite you in and educate you about their beautiful country. We guarantee that all of our staff are paid above the very low government awards, and we go that extra step towards looking after the people who work for us, the people that make your holiday! Our employees are like our family and their problems are ours too. We support all our staff, be it providing medicines, clean water, sponsoring their children to study overseas or helping develop medical aid centres and improving schools in their villages. In Tibet, we go to great lengths to ensure that your guide is Tibetan and you stay in Tibetan ran and owned guest houses wherever possible. This helps support the Tibetan people and keep a little bit of the money in their pockets. Our Projects Current ‘Water for Villages’ Project. Installing piping and water pumps to bring water to villages that are well out of reach from easily accessed water and currently have the elderly and the young carrying heavy loads for very long distances. It will also enable villages to irrigate crops for future income. Planned Our planned future projects includes: Sponsoring schools in remote areas and setting up a volunteer Teachers for Teachers program Building smoke chimneys in village home kitchens, helping to stop a wide spreading eye and ear problem for women and children Rural doctors project – establishing a regular doctors round in the remote region of Kavre Environmental education at high school level Environment Responsible travel goes much further than people and communities; it’s about the environment too. Environmentally sustainable travel is the right step to ensuring a bright future for our precious Earth. In Nepal there are simple things that you can do to help us have less impact on this fragile environment. Bring your own water bottle or bladder and use treatment tablets instead of buying plastic bottles. When trekking and camping with us we don’t use fire wood or encourage the use of it, we carry and cook with gas or stay at Tea Houses using gas as opposed to wood fires. Deforestation is a huge problem in Bhutan and we, in conjunction with other responsible travel companies hope to curb this by discouraging the locals to use wood. By encouraging and supporting Tea Houses that use gas and kerosene we are creating employment for porters who bring the gas into the mountains and supporting families by using their Tea Houses instead of camping. Same goes for rafting, we only build camp fires if drift wood is available and certainly do not buy fire wood from villages. If we can’t have a camp fire then we can still enjoy the night sky free from the city lights. We encourage the use of safe water drinking stations while trekking and do not purchase plastic bottles. While rafting and trekking all waste and rubbish is carried out of the area and disposed of properly. We encourage the transport companies we use to fully maintain their vehicles to prevent unnecessary pollution. All our tours are thought out and planned to minimise road travel. Safety Of course, a huge part of responsible travel is all about you and your safety. Firstly we constantly monitor political situations in the countries we operate. Danger areas are assessed and avoided if necessary, if we don’t feel safe going there, we are certainly not going to take you. Secondly when it comes to adventure activities, we operate and work in conjunction with registered local companies whose safety standard, equipment and guides comply with our strict guidelines. All of our guides are covered under our insurance policy, are trained in medical aid, resuscitation and evacuation procedures. Rafting guides are specialists in river craft and emergency resuscitation, trekking guides are well versed up on altitude sickness and evacuation, etc. You can rest assured that when you take the Bhutan Pelyab’Tours experience, you are in good hands.

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